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MAC OS X - runs on any Power PC or Intel Mac. Easy to use. Install on any MAC machine PowerPC or Intel. With your user ID and password you'll have full access to your shared audio project on NOTE: Cyberduck will run on MAC ONLY. This program will NOT run on a Windows PC.

About Cyberduck

A open source product licensed under the GPL and free to use. Donations are welcome to help advance development in the future. Thanks to contributors, Cyberduck is available in English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Russian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Indonesian, Catalan, Welsh, Thai, Turkish, and Hebrew.

What’s New in this Version
  • [Localize] Greek Localization
  • [Feature] Added transcript (S3)
  • [Feature] Added transcript (WebDAV)
  • [Feature] Support for faster directory listings using STAT command on the control connection (FTP) [#683]
  • [Feature] Display bookmark view for new browser window [#2252]
  • [Feature] Option in browser context menu to open selected folder in new browser [#2036]
  • [Feature] Option in browser context menu to add bookmark for selected folder [#2222]
  • [Feature] ‘Add new bookmark’ toolbar button
  • [Feature] Cannot select private key in login prompt (SSH) [#2221]
  • [Feature] Authentication with both password and public key (SSH)
Submitted On:
13 Oct 2008
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Administrator (bigdude)
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12 Oct 2008
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