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Idea/Script/Director: Dorothee Wenner
Assistant Director/Sound: Pascal Capitolin

World Webisode Premiere on July 28th, 2017

A web series and fashion brand between Kinshasa, Guangzhou and Berlin hijacking cultural clichés, stealing its audience for a roller coaster ride through real and fake, piracy and appropriation. The hot, steamy and unforgettably entertaining affair between the famous fashionista-guerrillas of Congo and China outpaces a
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Writer/Director: Milo Rau
Audio Recording: Pascal Capitolin

Film and Theater Project

In the form of a tribunal with an international cast and filmed on-location in Eastern Congo and in Berlin, the theatre & film project „The Congo Tribunal“ examines the causes and backgrounds for the war now ongoing for almost 20 years in the Great Lakes region. The result is a humanly harrowing, profound analytic tableau of
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Director: Phillip Schefffner
Regie Assitance & Location Sound Recording : Pascal Capitolin

World Premiere of HAVARIE at Berlinale Forum 2016

On 14.09.2012 at 2:56pm, the cruise liner „Adventure of the Seas” reports to the Spanish Maritime Rescue Centre the sighting of a dinghy adrift with 13 persons on board. From a YouTube clip and biographical scenes evolves a choreography reflecting the past, present and future of the voyagers on the Mediterranean.
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Director: Lutz Gregor
Location Sound Recording : Pascal Capitolin

A Film about the unifying Power of Music

Mali, like many more places in this world those days, stands 2015 for fanatic murdering or so called terrorism. But for us it stands for outstanding music.I had such pleasure to record at "Festival sur le Niger" the powerful music the islamist wanted to shut down for ever.

Mali is often regarded as the cradle of today’s Blues and Jazz. For centuries music has strengthened Mali’s cultural identity, musicians are holding strong positions in society.
MALI BLUES is a musical journey, discovering the country’s rich musical culture and it’s threat by radical Islamists.
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Director: Alex Gerbaulet

Sound Design: Pascal Capitolin
gewinnt den Hauptpreis des deutschen Wettbewerbs bei den 61. Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen und bei m FID in Marseille. SCHICHT
nominiert für den Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik 2015
Bergbau, Stahlwerk, Musterstadt. Einst die Vision Hermann Görings, heute einen Ort der die Fehlschläge der Industrialisierung wiederspiegelt.

Salzgitter kann als Stadt nicht mal auf 100 Jahre Geschichte zurückblicken. Die exemplare Geschichte dieser Stadt füllt aber ALEX GERBAULET Film SCHICHT
mit atemberaubende Dichte. Ihre Familiengeschichte ist in einen packenden Kurzfilm, mit der Geschichte Salzgitter einander verwoben. Raum, Stimmungen, Felde sind all die Schichten die von mir mit große Freude für den Sound Design von SCHICHT
bearbeitet wurden. Umso hoch die Freude beim Hauptpreis in Oberhausen und in DIFF Marseille für SCHICHT
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Directors: Pascal Capitolin & Jean Marie Ndihokubwayo

It's often that the story of fiction or a science fiction turn to reality. I MASHŌKA is a fiction that I wrote and shoot in Burundi 2014. I should say I MASHŌKA is a science fiction, since the story take place 2058. Jean Marie Ndihokubwayo and myself are the directors of this long feature film and are not really proud that since the presidential election in july 2015, the people of Burundi comes always a bit closer to our story describing the mechanism of the raise of mass violence.
After several Festival Presentation, I MASHŌKA has it's Deutschland Premiere 13th of October 2015 as part of the Film Festival AFRIKAMERA

>The story: Somewhere in Africa, February 27, 2058 Nijimbere Kamikazi testify in an interview about the escalation of violence which had a determinant influence over their relationship and their communities. 2017, The Banyamazi and the Bagabuzi live in peace, when as result on the global shortage of drinking water, difficult living conditions and decontamination of sources are getting more complicated. The conflicts between the two communities of the young secret couple oppress them. The spiral of violence inevitably separates Kamikazi and Nijimbere , their families and groups.
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Director: Pascal Capitolin

“Ich habe diese Dokumentation im Jahr 2012 in Burundi realisiert, ein Land der Region der Großen Seen in Zentralafrika.”
Dieser Film folgt das Team vom Theater und Versöhnung in vier Gemeinden von Burundi. Drei NGOs haben dieses Projekt mit Vertretern der Zivilgesellschaft vereinbart und umgesetzt im Zusammenhang mit dem Beitrag zur Wahrheits-und Versöhnungskommission die demnächst in Burundi, im Folge des Arusha Protokolls folgen sollte. “
Director: Philip Schefner

“If you would have to tell the story, how would you begin?
This is one of the question Philip Scheffner have asked each of the witnesses during the shooting of the documentary “revision”. Each time, I, m really amazed how the same story appear to have so many different appearance and conceals so many truth.
On June 29th, 1992 a farmer discovers two bodies in a corn field in the North East of Germany. Police enquiries lead to the fact that the dead men are Romanian citizens. During the attempt to cross the EU border, they have been shot by hunters. The hunters claim that they had mistaken the people for wild boar. Four years later, the trial begins. It will never be proved, which of the hunters has fired the fatal bullet. The verdict: not guilty. German Press Agency dpa reports: “From Romania, no one has arrived for the rendition of judgment.”
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“ Nigeria, to put it blatantly, has the reputation of a no-go-turf and scares off even experts, including those from other African countries. Yet, there is a small group of people, who grasp every possible opportunity to go to Nigeria. This rather strange phenomenon is hard to explain since one goes astray when portraying Nigeria. This very fact was the starting point of this film. "
Dorothee Wenner: Extract from Directors note
DramaConsult is the name of an international consulting company which was invented for this documentary. That was necessary because the services that explore and evaluate the striking reality of German-Nigerian business relations through concrete case studies, are not yet available in the market. “
Director: Pascal Capitolin/ Justine Bitagoye

A documentary Film of Pascal Capitolin et Justine Bitagoye about the story of Prince Louis Rwagasore, symbol of the African emancipation and of the Burundian independence.
Burundi is one little country in the grand lac region in Africa. The young film industry has just started to bring her contribution to the fragile peace of the country. While a longer stay in Burundi, I’ve been asked to assist by a new film project. The theme packed me immediately.
The story of Prince Louis Rwagasore reminds in the african context to Patrice Lumumba and feels like just waiting to be filmed. Rwagasore had the vision of a true independence for his country Burundi. He fighted with political wisdom and boldness against the belgium colonial authorities who have been placed by the society of the nation as fostering force that ruled the african country until it achieves its independence 1962. Louis Rwagasore was murdered on the night of October 13, 1961 when he and his party were incontestably elected at the first parliamentary elections of Burundi.
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Film Sound Training in Burundi

The first Workshop of World Cinema Fund Factory did work really good. I had big fun with my co-trainer Dorothee Wenner, Pamela Schobes and Bachir Dia but the most exiting was to share time and experience with my dynamic team and participants.

It’s the first long fiction since 1995 in Burundi. It explain the excitement and tension of the Team. What make this project really special is that producers and all the professionals of Burundi are working together as an association (CoProDac) and work as one on Rolland Ruggero’s film.
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Director: Angelina Maccarone

The Look Premiere in CANNES. Screening 16.05.2011 8 pm.

This film is an intimate portrayal of the Charlotte Rampling phenomenon. Instead of telling her exceptional life and career from an external point of view, Angelina Maccarone gives the floor to the icon with the legendary look, who speaks about exposure, demons, death, resonance, beauty, age, desire, taboo, desire and love.

Documentary script writing Workshop PDF Print E-mail
15 exiting days with a memorable "Final Pitch"! Yaoundé 17 -28.05.2010 Goethe Institut.

Last April 2010, at the West African Film Festival „Écrans Noirs“ in Yaoundé Cameroon, I presented our documentary „Kinshasa Symphony “(directed by Claus Wischman, Martin Baer) for the first time to an “African public”. Together with Bettina Haasen (“Hotel Sahara”) we had been invited by the Goethe Institute to direct a 15 day Workshop. We introduced various documentary writing styles and the development of storyboard or picture and sound concept.
"Kinshasa Symphonie" At Berlin Film Festival 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Director: Claus Wishmann & Martin Baer
Our Film „Kinshasa Symphony“ has World Premiere at „Berlinale-Special“ 18 February 2010 at 09:45 pm in Cinema Paris (next screening. 18.2.2010 at 06 pm Cubix 8)Berlin

– The decision has been taken. The film “Kinshasa Symphony” has convinced the jury of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival “Berlinale”. Festival director Dieter Kosslick congratulates the directors on this “great documentary film about this very special way towards Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The film and its story have touched our hearts…” The premiere will take place at Cinema Paris. I can't wait to show our work from the last month. It's never done and we allways hear what we could have been better. On my part the sound recording, design and sound mix in dolby Digital 5.1 was hard work but it was worth going into in honnour to this hard working orchestra OSK.

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