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Directors: Pascal Capitolin & Jean Marie Ndihokubwayo

It's often that the story of fiction or a science fiction turn to reality. I MASHŌKA is a fiction that I wrote and shoot in Burundi 2014. I should say I MASHŌKA is a science fiction, since the story take place 2058. Jean Marie Ndihokubwayo and myself are the directors of this long feature film and are not really proud that since the presidential election in july 2015, the people of Burundi comes always a bit closer to our story describing the mechanism of the raise of mass violence.
After several Festival Presentation, I MASHŌKA has it's Deutschland Premiere 13th of October 2015 as part of the Film Festival AFRIKAMERA

>The story: Somewhere in Africa, February 27, 2058 Nijimbere Kamikazi testify in an interview about the escalation of violence which had a determinant influence over their relationship and their communities. 2017, The Banyamazi and the Bagabuzi live in peace, when as result on the global shortage of drinking water, difficult living conditions and decontamination of sources are getting more complicated. The conflicts between the two communities of the young secret couple oppress them. The spiral of violence inevitably separates Kamikazi and Nijimbere , their families and groups.
It is the first long fiction feature lenght since 1995 in Burundi. The excitement is huge and the particularity of this production is that almost all professionals of the Burundian film scene are involved.
Last but not least, I Mashōka won first price in the category 2014 East African Best Feature Film and best masculin role. We do hope now that our film will be seen in the great lake region and we will do our best, to present it at each festival in Africa and international festivals.
I spent three and half years in Burundi, mainly to give support to the film Industry but worked tight with "La Benevolencija" which is is a Dutch NGO committed to the empowerment of minorities and social groups that are, have been or are in danger of becoming, the victims of ethnocentric or other forms of hate violence. It promotes an agenda of sanity, empathy and mutual help among those who are the target of hate speech, as well as among societies that have suffered its consequences. It is strictly non-ethnic, non-denominational and non-governmental.
Radio La Benevolencija HTF takes as its role model La Benevolencija Sarajevo, a local organization that played a unique humanitarian role during the Bosnian war (1992-1995). It is as a result of the work of founding Director, George Weiss, for this organization that, in 2002, a group of Amsterdam-based media professionals was inspired to set up an organisation to produce media projects in La Benevolencija’s unique spirit of solidarity with, and empowerment of, people who are the targets of hate violence.
Using a combination of edutainment methodologies and comparative psychological research, RLB’s media intervention in Rwanda, the DRC and Burundi is a prototype campaign to embed, in national audiences, scientific knowledge of how to resist the psychological pressures and demagoguery that turn individuals into perpetrators of mass hate. RLB’s radio soaps, factual documentaries and educational programmes, in combination with grassroots activities, convey this knowledge while simultaneously stimulating best practices of active bystandership. Regular parallel impact evaluations are conducted to measure the effectiveness of this Intervention tool and to ensure that the strategies and methodologies are attuned to specific contexts.

If you want to know more about I Mashōka, please vist our web site: https://www.facebook.com/imashoka1?ref=stream

Réalisation: Pascal CAPITOLIN

Premier assistant réalisateur Rudy KIMVUIDI Second assistant réalisateur Evrard Idée originale et scénario Pascal CAPITOLIN Scénariste Joseph NDAYISENGA Développement scénario Jean Marie NDIHOKUBWAYO Johan DEFLANDER Rudy KIMVUIDI Pascal CAPITOLIN Sixte NISASAGARE Consolate SINDAKIRIMANA George WEISS Cast Manager Floriane KANEZA Storyboard Pascal CAPITOLIN


Directeur de production Johan DEFLANDER LA BENEVOLENCIJA

Producteur exécutif Pascal CAPITOLIN LA BENEVOLENCIJA

Assistante production Natacha SONGORE

Secrétaire de production Joséphine BUDIGOMA LA BENEVOLENCIJA

Logisticien Philippe Yussuf MATESO LA BENEVOLENCIJA

Agence de casting Itulive Agence d'Acteurs ITAA


Directeur de la photographie: Pacifique Nzintonda Cameraman - Cadreur Evrard NIYOMWUNGERE Technicien son Olivier ''Bright'' NDAYISHIMIYE Perchiste Nestor BIGIRUHIRIWE Animation Maurice NKUNDIMANA Dialogues Kirundi Sixte NISASAGARE Dialogues Kirundi Consolate SINDAKIRIMANA Chef Electro Eddy MUNYANEZA Assistant Electro Richard MALIKONGE Machiniste Innocent NDIRARIHA Chef décorateur Nelson NIYAKIRE Maquillage Grâce SAHABO Set Photographie

Montage video Pacifique NZINTONDA Monteur Audio Romeo - Pascal Capitolin Preneur de son ADR Olivier ''Bright'' NDAYISHIMIYE Compositing Pacifique NZINTONDA Traducteur Festus BIMENYIMANA

Dessin et réalisation animation Maurice NKUNDIMANA animation et montage 3D Pacifique Nzintonda Coloriage animation
Lenght: 112 min "
Production : 2014