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Director: Aldo Gugolz
In March of 2009 I was entrusted with the sound editing and mixing of Aldo Gugolz's film, at that time with the working title "Christopher & Eliane". It is a touching documentary about love and emancipation, and only then reveals that both young people are disabled. Aldo originally brought the film to Swiss television, then to the Solothurn Film Festival, and then much more came after.

"I'm in love!" cries Eliane, in the sold-out Burgbachkeller Theater. She makes this statement with bravura because it is the truth: she is head-over-heals in love with Christopher, a co-worker of hers from the Lutheran Workshop for the Handicapped. For four years, Eliane Strickler and Christopher Keizer have been a couple and they are not at all afraid to show it.

Berlin based filmmaker, Aldo Gugolz, originally from Lucerne, accompanied the two lovers in their everyday private and professional life, and to Italy on their first vacation together. Back at home Eliane would like to spend more time with her boyfriend, and in the best of worlds, to move in together. They are both independent, over thirty years of age, and only occasionally require outside help. However, in pursuit of her wish to live with Christopher, Eliane encounters unexpected difficulties.

Direction, Script, and Editing: Aldo Gugolz
Location Sound: Pascal Capitolin
Sound Editing / Design: Pascal Capitolin
Ton: Fredy Keil, Helge Haack, Bill Krog
Kamera: Susane Schüle; Aldo Gugolz
Sounding Images