"Day of sparrow" at Berlin Film Festival 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Director: Philip Scheffner
Berlinale Screnning Schedule: * 15.02.10 18:00 CinemaxX 5 (press screening) EN * 17.02.10 19:15 CineStar 8 (World Premiere) GER * 19.02.10 19:00 Delphi-Filmpalast EN * 20.02.10 12:30 Cubix 7 GER * 20.02.10 22:30 Arsenal EN

For the second time in two years Philip Scheffner present his Film at Berlin Film Festival. This time it means for me 2 Films at this years festival. Some might say great but we still have a lot of work to do. Working with P. Scheffner is a fantastic chance because he is one of those director who first raise his story board on sound base. The atmosphere have space and time to fill the screen with 5.1 Dolby Digital mastered and double MS recorded sound material .
Doris Dorrie - a Portrait on ARTE "The Art of Entertaining" PDF Print E-mail
A PORTRAIT by Beatrix Schwehm ARTE February 21, 2010 at 5:00 PM
After "The Swing of Things," "Louise - a German Muslim Woman" and "The Children of Bulldog Bank" I was again pleased to do a new project with Beatrix Schwehm. In early 2008 she called me to join her in following Doris Dorrie during the rehearsals for her new opera: The Admeto. Not only was the work exciting, the production was very enjoyable due to Doris Dorrie's infectious humor. Our production marks the first time Doris Dorrie has allowed a camera team to document her work, in this case, the production of her sixth opera: The ADMETO'.

Doris Dorrie tells how the illness and the death of her husband
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Director: Birgit Schulz

2010 Phoenix Dokumentary Film Prize: The Lawyers – A German Story

The starting point of this film is a black and white picture showing Hans-Christian Ströbele, Horst Mahler and Otto Schily, the lawyers of the APO, the extra-parliamentary opposition. The reconstruction of the situation at the time – Mahler as a RAF defendant, Ströbele and Schily as his lawyers – sets off a discussion of German history that spans the period from
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Director: Aldo Gugolz
In March of 2009 I was entrusted with the sound editing and mixing of Aldo Gugolz's film, at that time with the working title "Christopher & Eliane". It is a touching documentary about love and emancipation, and only then reveals that both young people are disabled. Aldo originally brought the film to Swiss television, then to the Solothurn Film Festival, and then much more came after.

"I'm in love!" cries Eliane, in the sold-out Burgbachkeller Theater. She makes this statement with bravura because it is the truth: she is head-over-heals in
"In Berlin" Berlin Film Festival Special 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Directors: Michael Ballhaus - Ciro Cappellari
In Berlin opened in movie theaters on May 14, 2009. This film is the newest documentary from Michael Ballhaus and Ciro Cappellari for which I recorded the production audio. We celebrated the premiere at the Paris Cinema in Berlin as part of the 59th Berlin Film Festival.

In this film, Michael Ballhaus and Ciro Cappellari trace the changes that have taken place in Berlin and try to encapsulate on screen the energy of a city that, twenty years after the fall of the Wall, has found a new kind of normality. This documentary is also a heartfelt declaration of love to a fascinating metropolis and its people. In their poetic,
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Director: Bettina Haasen
Director's Note
The freedom and latitude with which we manoeuvre has long since ceased to be a given for everyone. For a number of years now I have concerned myself with the microcosm of those in perpetual waiting, of those continually living "ready to go" but trapped in inadvertent immobility.

Nouadhibou, in Mauritania - the last stop before crossing the Atlantic. It is a vacuum, this enormous departure area harbouring an
Sarah et les Marmittons (Sarah and the Young Chefs) PDF Print E-mail
Director: Enrique Sánchez Lansch
The ARTE television network offers 12 children from Germany and France between the age of 12 and 15 an adventure in the world of cooking. On a farm in southern France with chickens, rabbits, a huge vegetable garden and Sarah Wiener, the children have a summer vacation with taste!

A summer vacation with taste is no simple cooking course, rather it is an experience in the world of nutrition. It is not just recipes and preparation, rather it is about ingredients, flavor, fruits, vegetables,
Nollywood Lady PDF Print E-mail
Director: Dorothee Wenner
In Nigeria, a whole new film industry has developed during the early 90ies. Since then, the so called "home movie industry" not only became the second largest employer in Nigeria, but rose to immense popularity throughout Africa. By now, some 1400 films are produced each year, which makes Nollywood the biggest film industry in the world according to mere statistics. The Nigerian Home Movies are made almost exclusively for the African market on very low budgets compared to Western standards. The films have little in common with traditional African cinema, that throughout the continent is on decline.
Luise - A German Muslim Woman PDF Print E-mail
Director: Beatrix Schwehm
Adolf Grimme Award 2008
Juliane Bartel Award 2008
The North German Film Award 2008 for Best Documentary Film

“This is no joke and not a teenage phase ... I'm sure what I'm doing is good for me,” says Louise. The German girl converted to Islam at 19 - with all its consequences. This also means that she conceals her body in public. For five years her mother Rita has had to grapple with various challenges. The fact that she may no longer take photos of her
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What exactly does fluttering sand sound like? What about the wind? During a sandstorm every grain of sand finds its way inside of anything in its path. That unfortunately also means the recording equipment. In seconds everything is covered with a thin layer of sand.

From a number of respects, wind recordings always pose special challenges for a sound engineer. The Mauritanian desert is no ordinary desert. It ends right in the Atlantic. The wind on the ocean side of the desert is strong, making stereo recording very difficult. It means you have to quickly attach wind screens, fur and silk stockings in the hope of protecting the microphone caps from the fierce gusts of
Working in the Field PDF Print E-mail
I always hear that we audio engineers are a very rare breed, but I really don't understand why. Being a sound man is a completely normal occupation, isn't it?

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