2016 Germany Corporate Film for the Web

Director: ERCO
Audio: Pascal Capitolin
Format: STEREO
Running Time: 3 Minutes 57 Seconds
Production: ERCO


“Forever Faster” – PUMA has repositioned itself with the aim to become the fastest sports brand in the world. It is also the motif on which the retail design and lighting concept at the current PUMA Stores are based: targeted light accents guide customers through different sections of the space, highlighting goods, pictures and entire areas. In this way the perception-orientated lighting with Optec spotlights from ERCO creates dynamism, visual rhythm and depth. ERCO met Pablo Rodriguez, Global Head of Retail Environment at PUMA, at the new store on Hackescher Markt in the centre of Berlin. The retail design specialist with many years of experience in the fashion industry explains the global PUMA Store concept.

In the past the sporting goods manufacturer PUMA primarily conveyed its brand image with the colour red. Following the brand relaunch in 2013, the focus switched to the brand story with its “Forever Faster” tagline. Pablo Rodriguez, Global Head of Retail Environment at PUMA, and his team have developed the new retail design that presents the idea of dynamism with contemporary forms of storytelling, supported by the lighting concept. “The new concept serves the product, it is telling the story behind the products,” Pablo Rodriguez says, and continues: “Lighting is one of the most important components because it drives the storytelling and creates the right mood.”