2016 Germany Commercial for CarPro Self-Healing Coating

Director: Stephan Longin
Audio: Pascal Capitolin
Format: STEREO
Running Time: 1 Minute 34 Seconds
Production: CarPro


In an imperfect world, humanity’s desire for beauty and perfection remains Immortal. A desire which we at CarPro understand all too well. CarPro Immortal self-healing clearcoat gives wings to the dreams of many car, truck, and motorcycle owners by making low maintenance and lasting beauty a reality in the harsh world of today.

Its ground-breaking self-healing performance allows swirls, scratches, and stone-chips to melt away before your very eyes, making these investment-harming defects a thing of the past, and allowing your vehicle’s factory-fresh gloss and beauty to become Immortal. Welcome to the future of Active Vehicle Protection!

Invest in longlasting beauty with Immortal self healing clearcoat and be suprised how your coat can defend harsh conditions from the world of today. Protect your loved one - because true love lasts forever. Check out http://www.carpro-immortal.com/ and find your nearest dealer.