2017 Documentary Swiss/German - Released to theaters in November, 2017

Director: Milo Rau
Audio: Pascal Capitolin
Format: STEREO
Running Time: 100min
Production: Real Fiction Films


In more than 20 years, the Congo War has claimed six million lives. The population suffers from impunity, the war-crimes have never been legally prosecuted. Due to the high occurrence of „high-tech raw materials“, many consider the conflict as one of the most decisive economic battles for the share in the era of globalization.

For „The Congo Tribunal“, Milo Rau gathered victims, perpetrators, witnesses and analysts of the Congo War for a unique civil tribunal in Eastern Congo. For the first time in the history of this war, 3 exemplary cases were heard, exposing an unveiled portrait of one of the biggest and bloodiest economic wars in the history of mankind.

"The Congo Tribunal" examines with the help of a tribunal on the ground in Eastern Congo and in Berlin the reasons and background for the nearly 20 years ongoing war in the Great Lakes region. The result is a human-shattering, analytically profound tableau of the neo-colonial world order.

"The Congo Tribunal" gathered the key actors and analysts of the Congo war in Bukavu - the provincial capital of the most directly affected province of South Kivu - and later in Berlin, a major civil tribunal in response to the passivity of the international community decades of impunity in the region. It is no longer about ethnic differences, but more about the control of raw materials. The dead go into the millions, the perpetrators remain impunity. With great encouragement of the regional population, a unique major artistic event was created. Staged yet hyperreal and politically highly relevant. More than a hundred journalists from around the world participated in the tribunals in East Africa and Europe to cover the "most megalomaniacal art project of our time" (Radio France Internationale - RFI).

The documentary "The Congo Tribunal" brings the events and trial days of this spectacular project to life on the big screen. The hearings in Bukavu and Berlin were simultaneously recorded with seven cameras. In the run-up to the tribunal, several research trips and filming sessions took the film crew to the central locations of the conflict in the middle of a civil war zone, in remote villages and inaccessible mining areas. We get to know the people and their stories: victims and perpetrators, government and opposition, military and rebels, human rights activists, local miners and representatives of multinational mining corporations. The film uses haunting research to draw an unveiled portrait of this huge economic war - its economic and political causes as well as its concrete face on the ground. A film about a conflict of global dimensions that is not about victory or defeat, but about what we are worth the wealth of the first world and how long we are still willing to participate in this "well-intentioned genocide."


"One of the most ambitious pieces of political theater ever staged." - THE GUARDIAN

"A madness project! Where politics fails, only art helps. "- DIE ZEIT

"Civil wars, genocide, crazy assassins: No other theater director has worked so hard for years with the abysmal chapters of world history as the Swiss Milo Rau." - SRF

"While the Congo Tribunal will also lift the past, the future should actually be developed." - DIE ZEIT

"What is required is a new value system. The Congo tribunal is a first step in this direction. "- SWR 2

"The most megalomaniacal art project of our time" - RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE - RFI

"A public space of consciousness change." - NZZ

"It is repeatedly emphasized that this tribunal, convened by the Swiss director Milo Rau, may perform as a theater, but can be considered the beginning of the road to genuine justice." - FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU

"Maybe that helps us more than a real process." - ORF