2010 Germany - Documentary Portrait for ARTE Television

Director: Beatrix Schwehm
Audio: Pascal Capitolin
Format: STEREO
Running Time: N/A
Production: Trifilm


A PORTRAIT by Beatrix Schwehm ARTE February 21, 2010 at 5:00 PM After "The Swing of Things," "Louise - a German Muslim Woman" and "The Children of Bulldog Bank" I was again pleased to do a new project with Beatrix Schwehm. In early 2008 she called me to join her in following Doris Dorrie during the rehearsals for her new opera: The Admeto. Not only was the work exciting, the production was very enjoyable due to Doris Dorrie's infectious humor. Our production marks the first time Doris Dorrie has allowed a camera team to document her work, in this case, the production of her sixth opera: The ADMETO'.

Doris Dorrie tells how the illness and the death of her husband brought her closer to Zen Buddhism, she speaks about the game of tragedy and comedy, about grief and loss, between success and failure, about the fragility of life.

DORIS DÖRRIE - Art Must Be Entertaining
Doris Dorrie is a multi-talent: Film director, professor at the Munich Film School, author of screenplays, children's books and novels. Her books are bestsellers and have been translated into 30 languages. Her movies have been shown worldwide and have won many awards. Very few people are aware, however, that the German humor "expert" also works as an opera director.

The portrait looks at her films:''MEN'',''AM I BEAUTIFUL?'',''CHERRY BLOSSOMS''. We see that Doris Dorrie cannot be categorized, not as a feminist, not as a Buddhist, or as a director of successful film comedies. To be free in spirit and in her work means everything to her. Producer Bernd Eichinger, cinematographer Hanno Lentz, set and costume designers Bernd Lepel Butohtänzer and Tadashi Endo, and the singers and dancers of the Handel opera testify to the fact that this film succeeds in revealing an unusual and surprising picture of Doris Dorrie.

It is a sensitive portrait of an intelligent, energetic, and assertive woman who approaches the unknown with curiosity, but who also has a very shy and vulnerable side that deserves respect.